I am available to deliver workshops and presentations upon request.

Presentations for Organizations 

I have delivered numerous presentations geared towards motivating the masses on how living in a third world country was not a limiting factor but more so an opportunity to look for possibilities. Growing up without parents at a very young age empowered me to utilize my support system and thrive. I grew up in the era of civil war in the Northern part of Uganda, most commonly referred as the KONY War that emotionally depleted my abilities to function as a teenager but through the help of communities like churches, families, schools, sports clubs, I was able to relearn to survive. I am available to share how as an organization you can help children living in poverty and enlighten your community to thrive through giving and empowerment. 

I started therapy at the of 7 after experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression symptoms, generalized anxiety and being a victim of sexual assault. Through my experiences, I learned how valuable therapy can be and the importance of community in addressing mental illness. At the of 16, I contemplated taking my own life but survived when a friend took me to a therapist who taught me how to utilize skills that enabled recovery. After the birth of my son, I struggled with postpartum depression and attempted to end my life due to the severe pain I was unable to explain or get rid of. Psychological pain became physical pain, I was in a deep hole, an abyss. My obstetrician looked at me at my final visits and was able to help me heal through therapy and increasing protective factors. Suicide is an epidemic on the rise. This year, roughly 48,000 people will lose their lives to suicide in the USA alone. I am a passionate advocate for this cause and have been supporting people struggling with suicidal thoughts for many years. 

I am available to share in small and large gatherings as a survivor, a mother, Clinical Social Worker and Public Health Advocate in the state of Georgia. I am a Subject Matter Expert, facilitating suicide prevention initiatives promoting awareness programs among health and behavioral health systems as well as other public agencies throughout the state. 

Other trainings that I am available to provide for your organization is the Question Persuade Refer which teaches anyone to recognize warning signs, talk and refer anyone for help. As a master trainer for QPR, am available to teach other trainers to deliver this simple but effective gatekeeper training that will help someone or anyone that needs it. QPR is a framework to support someone who is suicidal in an informed and effective way by asking questions, persuading and referring them to a relevant service. www.qprinstitute.com 

I am also a trainer for Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk (AMSR ), a Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk (AMSR) is a series of one-day or half-day trainings designed for health and behavioral health professionals interested in the latest intersectional suicide care practices.

Aside from my professional qualifications, my background offers me a unique perspective on hardship and on the importance of healthcare as a human right. I was born in a war-torn area of Northern Uganda. At the age of 6 my village was seized by a violent group called the Lord’s Resistance Army. I was able to escape but had to manage on my own until I was able to join my single mother in a nearby city. Through a humanitarian organization, I was able to attend school, receive adequate resources and access healthcare. This organization continued to support me after my mother passed at the age of 9. 

I was able to attend the University of South Carolina on a scholarship and I graduated with summa cum laude in my social work degree. I went on to complete two further master’s degrees in Social Work and Public Health and I actively advocate in favor of suicide prevention and awareness. 

I am available to speak about suicide and suicide prevention, as well as other issues that I am passionate about such as grace, forgiveness and the plight of vulnerable children around the world.