When couples come to therapy, it is common for them to express that they feel “stuck”, “disconnected” or “frustrated”. When we inquire further into the issues they are facing, we usually find that the complicity and intimacy has broken down, and that it is hard to come together and communicate without accusations, blame and fighting. The sex is non-existent and the tension is becoming too much to handle. If you are in a similar situation, it might be painful to be together, but it might also be difficult to imagine being apart. You might wonder whether the effort is worth the reward to fix this relationship. 

Being in a loving and caring relationship isn’t just something that is nice to have, it can be an important source of the comfort and support that we need to feel safe and relaxed. I can help by providing the space and guidance where everyone’s opinions can be voiced and feel understood. Being a neutral third party, I can help you uncover the negative patterns and hurts that lie beneath the surface fights and disagreements. Once these are clearer, we can work on finding ways to heal. You can heal past wounds and feel the connection and intimacy you long for.