Family Therapy

At it’s best, your family can be a source of comfort, support and guidance. But when the tension, distance and misunderstandings keep you apart, the deeply personal nature of the relationship can make it all that more painful. You might have been in this situation for a while, it is hard to cope with the disconnection and fighting.
It might be tempting to let things stay as they are, hoping they will get better as your children mature and time closes some wounds. But some families never heal and the gap between them is never repaired. This can affect the other endeavors in your life, as you approach them from a baseline of stress and loneliness, as opposed to feeling strong and supported. Your family doesn’t have to be like this.
Therapy can help you to come closer and talk about challenging but important issues. You will be guided by a professional that is trained to observe what each person is struggling with individually and how it affects the family dynamic. With this greater understanding and clarity, you can repair the bonds and connection, and experience the joy of deeply loving relationships.

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