Therapy can help you to manage the constant highs highs and lows. The elation and excitement of manic episodes can lead you to engage in risky behaviors that affect your wellbeing in the short term and the long term. And when the intense optimism burns out, the lows of depression can make it hard to do anything. In a depressive state, you want the world around you to disappear and leave you alone. It might be annoying to see others not going through the same, 

living happy and productive lives. The unpredictability of it all can be frustrating, and you might feel like there is no hope of things ever changing for the better. 

A good therapist can support you through these challenging emotions and give you ways of dealing with them when they arise. The ups and downs don’t have to be devastating. By understanding what underlies your suffering, you can make better lifestyle choices that can help you live a more stable life and have a more positive outlook.