Group Therapy

Group therapy is an opportunity to learn skills to manage the distress you are feeling and the overwhelming emotional reactions you might feel at times. In a group setting, the process and struggles involved in overcoming past hurts can be shared with others who are going through the same.

You can learn from the experiences of others and contribute your own insights and comments. In each group session, we will discuss a skill or technique that we can use to manage or overcome unhelpful behaviors and thought patterns. We will also talk about acceptance of your emotions and how you can learn to sit with and tolerate distressing feelings in a healthy way, instead of turning to behaviors that perpetuate your distress.

We attach to negative thoughts and behaviors because they make us feel safe, so it is understandable that they become our default when we feel afraid and on edge. In group sessions, you can learn alternative ways to soothe yourself and feel safe, so you can make space for positive patterns and feelings.

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